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UAE visa process
Documents for Dubai Visa application

Visitors need these following documents for UAE Tourist Visa.

  • Confirmed return air ticket with tour itinerary
  • Scanned copy of each visitor's first and last page of the passport
  • passport size photographs of each visitor taken against a white background with a matte finish
Visa FAQ's
Q1. How does a UAE visa look like?

UAE sample visa

dubai visa
Q2. What are the additional documents required to for a 90-day Dubai visa?

The traveller requires to submit the below listed documents to apply for a 90-day Dubai visa:

  • Confirmed Dubai flight ticket
  • Passport copies of friends/relatives residing in Dubai
  • Residential proof of friends/relatives residing in Dubai
  • Invitation letter issued by friends/relatives residing in Dubai
  • Alternate local contact details of 2 friends/relatives residing in Dubai
  • Apart from the above documents, immigration may ask for additional documents as deemed necessary
Q3. When should I apply for a Dubai visa?

You can apply for Dubai visa anywhere between 58 to 5 working days prior to your travel date.

Q4. Is there an age criteria for applying a Dubai visa?

Yes, there is. Females below 30 years of age and males below 22 years of age need to apply for a Dubai visa along with their father, mother or husband to avoid any chances of rejection.

Q5. My passport is expiring soon – can I still get a Dubai visa?

All the visitors should have a passport that is valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of arrival in Dubai. In case your passport is valid for less than 6 months, you will have to renew it before applying for Dubai visa.

Q6. How will I receive my Dubai visa?

Your Dubai visa will be sent to the email address given by you at the start of the application process.

Q7. Why was my Dubai visa application rejected?

Unfortunately Dubai authorities do not give reasons for rejecting a visa application. Therefore, we cannot provide specific reasons as to why your application was unsuccessful.

Q8. Where I can access Official UAE Embassy website?